Using hydroponics to grow marijuana


Growing weed with hydroponics is simply the process of growing cannabis without dirt.  There are many different growing mediums you can use instead of dirt such as: lava rock, peat moss and hydroton.  The growing medium is used to support the roots of the hydroponics weed, so it can grow tall and bud properly.

Hydroponics weed is excellent because you can control the quality to a science.  Your quality will be constant and you can even clone the mother plant to keep growing the same strain of weed year round. 

If you want to grow some of the finest cannabis you will ever smoke, whether a beginner or expert then try hydroponics. You can build your own or buy a system pretty cheap online.

Your system will have a reservoir, growing baskets or growing bed, a water pump, timers, nutes and a growing medium.

Awhile back I bought a three drawer system from Target and some plumbing and a small pump from Home Depot. All of this was done for under $100. I was going to use it as a aquaponics system but ended up working better with hydroponics with a bell siphon. Here is my video check it, you could make one similar.