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This 420 grow book is intended to serve as a handy guide for growing the finest marijuana that will satisfy your every desire. A word of caution is in order.  As I write, the states of Washington and Colorado have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of pot.  A cop can pull you over, notice a sack of weed on the passenger seat and, assuming no crime was committed, send you on your way with a polite “have a nice day.”  Legislation is being introduced at the federal level for the rest of the country to follow suit.  The eyes of the world are on America, watching what we do and debating whether they should follow our example.  Hopefully when you read this, you will be living in a land that has emerged from the dark ages and joined the 21st century.

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 The sad fact is that the lawmakers are not being driven by moral motives.  In the context of a “war on drugs,” a drug is an abstract noun.  A war on drugs is similar to a war on blue.  It cannot be won and it was never intended to be won.  Have you ever noticed that the only people profiting from this war on drugs are the lawbreakers and the lawmakers?  There’s a reason for this.  Too many people are growing into adulthood that have smoked pot and realized it is quite harmless.  At worst it mellowed them out.  At best it heightened their sensory perception, enhancing their experience of food, sex and art.  Others found that it gave them spiritual insights.  These people are now the voters who are overturning antiquated laws.  But in doing so they are also slaying a cash cow.  The specter of the demon weed can no longer be used as a pretext to keep a Big Brother like eye on our citizens.  Nor can it be an excuse to stomp around the world and establish a military presence in any little backwater country where cannabis grows.  Knowing this, lawmakers whose eyes are ablaze with visions of green gold, are deftly sidestepping the traditional avenues of profiteering and turning to legalization and taxation.  And this brings me to my point.

Possession of small amounts of cannabis will be legal.  Possession of large amounts will never be legal.  The laws and penalties for growing cannabis will most likely go on as they always have.  It is never a good thing to get caught growing marijuana.  In some states, the punishment for growing can be life.  Let me be blunt and emphatic in order to hammer the point home and put an exclamation mark on it:  Getting caught growing cannabis can seriously fuck up your life!  You must take this into consideration if you are considering a grow operation.  There are, however, a few things you can do to minimize the risk to near zero. A great plant to grow is the one from Power Kush feminized seeds.

First, grow only for yourself and trusted friends.  If you are considering growing a large crop to make some money, then my hat gets tipped in your direction.  For years I have been an enthusiastic consumer of the magic of pirate farmers, so it’s a bit difficult for me to suddenly start sermonizing.  Just consider yourself warned.  It’s when you start chewing through unusually large amounts of electricity little flags start popping up.  Selling weed, either directly or to someone who will then sell it on the street level, is as good as strewing a path of buds the police can follow from the street to your doorstep.

This book will teach you how to maintain a continuous crop of pot that will yield buds all year long.  It will be enough to keep you and your friends blissfully stoned all the days of your life.  If you are smart and keep a non-existent profile, the cops will have no reason to think you are doing anything other than the very definition of a model citizen.

Maintaining a low to no profile is important in the second aspect of a successful clandestine grow operation.  I assume the only thing you have that will get you from where you are to where you want to be, is this book and, perhaps, some dirt.  There are things you will have to buy.  Seeds come immediately to mind.  If you are starting an indoor grow operation you will need lights.  Some of you may want to start a hydroponic rig.  This requires a purchase of some materials.  WHENEVER POSSIBLE, leave no paper trail.   I realize some of you live in rural areas where the nearest corner grocery is half a day’s drive away.  If you can make it to a place where you can buy supplies on the spot then, by all means, do so.  Pay with cash.  Never, ever whip out a credit or debit card if you can avoid.  I’ve known a couple people who’ve been busted and not known how the cops find out.  Electronic transactions leave blips on radars screens you don’t want to be a part of.  If an electronic transaction is unavoidable, ask a trusted friend who has no interest in growing to make the transaction for you.  In the exceedingly unlikely chance the cops do come a knocking, the will find kids and pets and flowers but not what they are looking for.

I suspect I’ve been preaching to the choir with this.  Still, I must emphasize the nature of the business you are getting yourself into.  Don’t be stupid.  Don’t associate with stupid people.  Our laws against cannabis cultivation are proof that either God is not perfect or that humans have yet to fully evolve a brain.  But the end game is in sight and cannabis prohibition looks as if it will go the way of rumrunners and speakeasies.  Be smart, lay low and you can kick back and enjoy nature’s way of saying “Hi.”

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