Growing methods

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    How to grow weed indoors

    Next, growing weed indoors can be done in a spare room and even a closet.  It will require that you purchase special lights and equipment.  At first the lights will be run 16 to 20 hours a day.  A small operation will not chew through enough power to raise a flag among folks who watch…

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    How to grow weed outdoors

    Outdoor growing is exactly what it claims to be.  Two factors are important for the outdoor grower.  The first is that the soil is good.  It must have sufficient nutrients and a proper pH balance.  These can be tweaked with fertilizers if the soil is out of balance.  If need be, you can bring in…

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    Using hydroponics to grow marijuana

    Growing weed with hydroponics is simply the process of growing cannabis without dirt.  There are many different growing mediums you can use instead of dirt such as: lava rock, peat moss and hydroton.  The growing medium is used to support the roots of the hydroponics weed, so it can grow tall and bud properly. Hydroponics…